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Claude, the Clumsy Clydesdale

by Marion E. Altieri
Illustrated by Gina Romero

Claude, the Clumsy Clydesdale is about Claude, a beautiful young foal and a perfect specimen of
the strong, earthy and graceful Clydesdale breed. The story centers around Claude and the fact that
he thinks of himself as being clumsy after comparing himself to animal friends that live with him on
the farm where he was born. Dejected, he retreats to the comfort of his stall where he hides away
from those he loves. But just as our hero is about to lose all hope, he must put aside his self-doubts
to come to the rescue of Mother Goose and her goslings.
Book Details:

  • For Ages: 4 to 6
  • Full Color Cover
  • B/W Interior
  • Size: 5" x 8"
  • Pages: 44
  • Also Available in E-book

Praise for Claude, the Clumsy Clydesdale

"Claude, the Clumsy Clydesdale teaches an important lesson. Even though he is different from his little friends, he learns to be happy and confident.”
---Carmel Rowley, International Selling Author and Arabian Horse Breeder

"Marion Altieri has done it again!
Claude, the Clumsy Clydesdale is a wonderful story and a delightful read.”
---Tommy Bellhouse, West Point Thoroughbreds

"This book is not only great fun, it teaches positive values like friendship, acceptance, and self-belief in the face of adversity. A delightful and poignant
read that is destined to become a favorite with children.”
---Sophie Watts, Producer, Gravity Films

“Horses are warm, big, honest, trusting and kind. Marion Altieri loves horses from the very depth of her soul. And with her horse stories she opens
up children's hearts to the same unconditional love. Because no matter how lonely you might feel—there are always horses that will love you if you
let them! And that's a good thing to learn when you're a kid.”
---Mats Genberg - Editor, Galopp Magasinet (Gallop Magazine)
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